The Language of Collaborative Manufacturing is a £1.9M research project sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and led by the Universities of Bristol and Bath in collaboration with our industrial partners.  We aim to deliver next-generation project dashboards that can identify potential project issues, improve productivity, and improve the management of aspects such as intellectual property, risk and cost.

Members of the LoCM team lead on EPSRC Platform Grant

Profs Newnes (PI) and Prof Hicks (CoI) are part of an interdisciplinary team of eleven from the universities of Bath and Bristol that have been awarded £1.8M to investigate the knowledge, skills and tool sets that will underpin the next generation of trans-disciplinary design engineers and research engineers. The five-year project has just started with an inaugural workshop planned for the  The 25th International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering (TE2018) in Modena on July 3rd. A project website will be launched very soon!


Members of the LoCM team capture new award on digital-physical twinning during prototyping

Prof Hicks and Dr Snider have worked with colleagues in the manufacturing division at Bristol to develop a very timely project aiming to create a platform (tools, methods and hardware) that enables the automated twinning and revision control of digital models and physical prototypes  during prototyping. The research and technical challenges include: methods for determining and characterising changes to digital models and psychical models, means for automatically constructing/modifying digital models, process planning approaches for hybrid (additive and subtractive) modification of prototypes, and revision control methodologies. The 4 year £1.65M project includes a number of collaborators from the LoCM project (Autodesk and Altuity) and will commence in the summer of 2018. More details can be found here and the project website can be accessed via the Design and Manufacturing Futures Lab website (here).

Congratulations to Dr. Gopsill on the EPSRC Researcher in Residence Award

Dr. Gopsill has been awarded an  EPSRC Researcher in Residence Award to continue his Knowledge Management work with the National Composite Centre. The project is entitled ‘Valuing Digital Knowledge Assets within the High-Value Manufacturing Catapult’ and will be running over the next 2 years.

Project Summary

The High-Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVMC) Centres are technology intensive organisations whose activities produce innovations and knowledge on a daily basis. Central to these activities is the need to utilise the unique and valuable knowledge that is stored within the digital assets that reside in the IT infrastructure of the centres. Maximising the value of these Digital Knowledge Assets (DKAs) is crucial in ensuring Catapult centres remain at the forefront of innovation and knowledge.

With scoping studies revealing that a large proportion of the National Composite Centre (NCC) DKAs having not been accessed in the past two years, it is contended that unexploited Knowledge Management (KM) opportunities exist in increasing the value of DKAs to support the centres’ activities. Opportunities that could come in the form of developments to the data and information management processes, IT infrastructure and/or knowledge sharing activities. To be able to recognise the added value that these opportunities may bring, a method of assessing the value of DKAs is required.

A method that this proposal will develop by taking the novel approach of monitoring the DKAs’ metadata activity. This step-change in capability will provide actionable information to an organisations’ KM strategy that is both automatic and real-time. The method will also be embedded into the piloting process for developments to KM strategy to assess the potential value they may bring to the organisation.

By understanding and developing a means to assess the value of DKAs, HVMC centres will be able to better leverage the value of their increasing digital footprint as well as ensuring value is added through their KM strategy.

The project starts in April 2018 and you can keep track of his progress on the projects website here.

International Conference on Information Management and Processing

On the 13th January, Sian Joel-Edgar presented a paper entitled “Understanding User Requirements in Context: A Case Study of Developing a Visualisation Tool to Map Skills in an Engineering Organisation” at the International Conference on Information Management and Processing 2018. The conference was held at Imperial College College, London. There were many interesting presentations at the conference, ranging from network analysis of terrorist networks, to artificial intelligence applied to energy, human-machine interfacing and cyber security.

You can view the paper here.

Quarter 16 update – December 2017

In addition to the summer break the team have reached a milestone with the FS dashboards and successfully secured a Researcher in Residence role for Dr Gopsill. In terms of the FS dashboards, our studies have revealed the three most useful visualizations for the FS team. These include Social media activity/impact, design activity by sub-system and ‘digital’ project activities.Dr Gopsill secured two years of funding as the Researcher in Residence at the National Composites Centre where he will be investigating approaches for assessment of the value that a new knowledge management tool brings to an organisation.

Congratulations to Dr Nataliya Mogles

The LoCM team are pleased to announce that Dr Nataliya Mogles has accepted a job offer in Amsterdam where she will be leading an insight team to support executive search, recruitment and talent management.

Nataliya will continue to work on the project for a day a week over the next few months to complete a number of key publications.

Well done Nataliya!

LoCM begins working with upcoming TeamBath Racing’18

Building on our work developing real-time project health monitoring dashboards with TeamBath Racing’17, we had the opportunity to work with the project manager and team leads of TeamBath Racing’18 (TBR18) to explore how our dashboards may support early stage project planning.  Specifically, we developed a historical ‘year in review’ dashboard enabling TBR18 to review project activities across the lifecycle of previous TBR project teams. Initial results from a project planning workshop suggest that the provision of the historical dashboard led managers to more clearly delineated design cycles and manufacturing cycles in their build plan Gantt charts, relative to managers without the provision of the historical dashboard. The managers cited that historic project data gave them a clearer, data-driven, perspective of the consequences of design work slippage and the knock on effects of that had in delaying the completion of manufacturing cycles.

LOCM team at Formula Student UK Silverstone 2017

The LoCM team had the opportunity to showcase a number of the dashboard and visualisation tools developed on the project at this year’s Formula Student UK competition event. Over the course four days we shared hands-on demos of our project and knowledge management visualisation dashboards, as well as novel FS health monitoring splash board and interactive AR car model with layered project data. We enjoyed a high level of interest in our data analytic and visualisation techniques from both industry sponsor representatives and Formula Student teams in the UK and abroad, including an invitation to exhibit our research at the upcoming World Motorsport Symposium in November.

International Conference on Engineering Design

The LOCM team have just returned from Vancouver after presenting their research at the International Conference of Engineering Design.

The team presented 3 papers:

Particular congratulations goes to Dr. Snider for receiving best in conference paper award!


LOCM at the World Motorsport Symposium

At the end of last week LOCM were fortunate enough to be invited to exhibit our work at the RaceTech World Motorsport Symposium hosted at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in London, UK.

This two-day event hosts the world leaders in motorsport development, manufacture, and racing, giving unprecedented access to the decision makers and thought leaders of the automotive field.

Over the two days LOCM had the opportunity to present their work and demonstrate their capability to technical leads and directors of multiple Formula 1 teams, Audi Motorsport, Toyota Motorsport,  McLaren Motorsport, and the FIA.

We received lots of interest in our techniques, and lots of leads to pursue!